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RTREE HDMR, a moisture resistant wood stored in Malaysia Port Klang warehouse.

Wood board & Wood panel supplier in Malaysia

RTREE is a wood panel and wood board supplier, wholesaler and exporter in Malaysia. We supply high density moisture resistant board (HDMR) and fire-retardant board (FR HDMR), these are wood building materials suitable in an environment exposed to wet or potential fire hazards.

The HDMR wood boards supplied by RTREE are engineered to withstand high moisture levels. This makes them an ideal choice for use in areas like bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and other spaces where humidity and moisture are prevalent. Their durability and resistance to moisture ensure a long-lasting performance, significantly reducing the risk of damage or decay often associated with standard wood products in such environments.

In addition to moisture resistance, RTREE also offers FR HDMR wood boards, which are treated to be fire-retardant. These boards are an essential component in construction projects where fire safety is a priority. Suitable for both residential and commercial buildings, FR HDMR boards are a vital material in areas such as kitchens, public spaces, and locations where fire risks are a concern. The fire-retardant properties of these boards not only enhance the safety of a structure but also contribute to peace of mind for property owners and occupants.

RTREE Products

Our wood panel and wood board focus on moisture resistant quality.

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High Density Moisture Resistant Board

HDMR stands for high density moisture resistance, it is a term to describe the quality of fiberboard.


RTREE is Malaysia HDMR wood supplier, our high density moisture resistant board is an innovative building material that has become increasingly popular in construction and renovation projects. RTREE HDMR board (or HDHMR board) is specifically engineered to withstand high levels of moisture and humidity, making it ideal to be use in areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms.

V313 + HDF Wood

RTREE HDMR board is manufactured using advanced technology and sustainable eucalyptus wood to provide a product that is of high density and at the same time V313 moisture resistant standard, latex free smooth surface and E1 formaldehyde. It is an excellent alternative to traditional chipboard and plywood. It is currently widely used for making doors for high moisture areas.

The groundbreaking RTREE FR series combines class 1 fire retardant plus V313 Moisture resistant standard sets a new benchmark for safety in various settings.


FR HDMR is an amazing innovation for home or commercial kitchens or areas with large crowds like hospitals, schools, libraries due to its lifesaving property. In home and commercial kitchens, where flames and moisture are constant companions, the RTREE FR series offers unparalleled peace of mind. It acts as a formidable defense against fire, minimizing the risk of flames spreading and ensuring the safety of your loved ones or patrons. Its Class 1 fire retardant rating means it has undergone rigorous testing and proven to be exceptionally effective in reducing the spread of flames.


We supply high quality wood panel for interior design firms, developers, and door manufacturers.

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